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Kendimize Uygun İşi Nasıl Buluruz

Kendimize Uygun İşi Nasıl Buluruz - Roman Krznaric, Zarife Biliz I bought the book after I graduated from college, as I was confused about what I wanted from life career-wise. I had spent some time thinking, but couldn't get any further. The book does provide some new ways to think and experiment, but in the end, it's just a book, and not a revolutionary one at that. It only gives some ideas to explore.
It has its moments, though, when it discusses the situation and the reasons: It acknowledges that we're a more restless generation compared to our parents, we want more out of life at the expense of being ungrateful for what we have. It says that too much freedom can be paralyzing, when you have countless options to choose from (You can be a data analyst, or should you move to Italy and teach English? Maybe you should go back to school and get an MBA). It discusses what gives meaning to a job. And, it also suggests that a part-time job might be the best thing ever because it balances work and free time. Hmm.
If you're looking for something tangible and not just philosophical exploration, instead of this, I recommend Quora's Life Lessons topic, where people share their experiences and discuss better ways to live. It's so much more inspirational and motivates you to do what you want to do.