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New York Köleleri

New York Köleleri - Tama Janowitz,  Roza Hakmen Slaves of New York is made up of individual stories about people in the art scene in the 80s. The characters are very original, with some reccurring ones: Eleanor the jewelry designer, and Marley the "genius" painter. For me, the downside was the length of this book made up of unrelated stories. I wasn't enthusiastic about continuing after the first half because I knew there wasn't going to be any character development or plot twists I could be excited about. There were only many peeks inside lives in New York, similar to the ones before them.
Although it's clear that talent is there, I'm not sure if Janowitz has put it to good use. I found it hard to finish the book, and I would abandon it if I was okay with not finishing books. It's a good read for a lazy afternoon and for a hundred pages. After that, not so much.