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Sex and the City - Candace Bushnell The only enjoyable thing about the book is that many of the chapters are adapted to the series, and if you've watched the series before reading the book (like me), you'll remember the episodes and play them in your head while you read the stories. Also, there are some less obvious nuances, like Carrie's mink coat, which is mentioned in the book twice and which she wears through the first season of the series.

You are let down by the book after only 2 pages. The author references Truman Capote's book "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by saying
"Truman Capote understood our nineties dilemma -the dilemma of Love vs. the Deal- all too well. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak were faced with restrictions -he was a kept man, she was a kept woman- but in the end they surmounted them and chose love over money."
I mean, really, Candace Bushnell? You couldn't even bother to read a summary of the book, at least? Everything would be fine if you just said "In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's...", but since you're a "writer", and since you're aware that the film is adapted from a book, you had to mention the book. You know why mentioning the book was bad? Because:
1.Paul Varjak is a character in the movie. In the book, his name isn't mentioned.
2.Holly and "Paul" chose love over money only in the movie. In the book, Holly runs away.
3.Although he was present at the shooting of the film, Truman Capote wasn't involved in writing the screenplay. So, his only ending to the story is the one where Holly and "Paul" don't end up together.

Articles get boring by the one-third of the book, and by the end of it (if you can reach it), you're disgusted with these people described in the book. Alright, the book is incredibly bad, but the really sad thing is, these people in the book DO exist. People who only care about what other people will think about them. People who only care about how to get laid. People whose sole purpose in life is partying for as long as they can before they realize it's time to get married. "Beautiful and smart and successful women" who are single, like it's the biggest problem of the world. Wake up, people! How can all these "smart and successful and beautiful and handsome" men and women live ALL of their lives looking from this narrow perspective? The world is such a big place; filled with wonders, tragedies, such interesting things that would blow our minds. I'd like to believe there's still hope for this world.

In conclusion, don't read this. Just... don't.