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To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee The thing that bothered me most while reading this novel is that the two children characters, Jem and Scout, don’t talk like children. Most of the time, except for the early parts where they play games, they don’t behave like children as well. They’re supposed to be extraordinary children; smart, witty, their father Atticus reads to them every day, he raises them in a modern way. But how does that make Jem and Scout behave like an adult? No matter how they are raised, they’re still children. I was annoyed by the way they talked, as well as the indifference with their speeches. Every character in the book was talking like they’re the same person. It was sad that Harper Lee couldn’t create different characters. Of course they were different, but only in narration. When they talk, they’re all the same.

Another boring thing about the book,, was that the first half of the book tells nothing. Nothing. Just Jem, Scout and Dill playing in the summer time, nothing to do, wandering around, inventing games, then Dill is gone, then he comes back the next summer, still nothing to do, trying to invent games… It was very hard to continue reading.

But I could reach the end, and it was the only interesting part of the book. Mr. Arthur “Boo” Radley was a really interesting and well-written character. Scout’s imagination of daytime from Radleys’ porch was worth reading.

To Kill A Mocking Bird is Harper Lee's only book. All the characters and events are based on her early life. Her father was a lawyer, she went to trials all the time when she was little, and there was a murder which progressed just like in the book. I found her writing talent average, but the book is at most a memoir with names changed. I guess why the book is considered to be a classic is because she condemned racial inequality when it was considered normal.

Overall, it was a book that was very hard to continue reading, and fairly boring, but the ending is climactic so it feels like you've read a good book.