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Bir Psikiyatristin Gizli Defteri - Gary Small, Gigi Vorgan, Duygu Akın In his selection of psychiatric cases, Dr. Small ensures you don't put the book down until you finish it. The cases are interesting, and Dr. Small gives an expert's insight about them. The narration (which, I assume, is the work of his wife, Gigi Vorgan) is simple enough to understand for people without technical knowledge of psychiatry. I would've given the book 4 stars, but I was deeply disturbed by the book's depiction of people Dr. Small disliked. It felt like he was taking a revenge he wanted for years, from people who couldn't respond to these depictions (unless they wrote their own books). Sure, their names and details about their lives were changed, but I'm sure people from his social circle still could recognize who they were. It felt really unprofessional and 10-year-old of him to diss these people and nearly call them names. Also, there were lines where he was praising his wife. It would've been romantic if she wasn't the co-writer, but instead it felt awkward. Nevertheless, the book is interesting enough for a quick read, and I liked it.